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Event organisers can record their live event for uploading to the internet once the event is over. An event program is created. Cameras then capture the event. Brands, sponsors messages and captions are added in situ, along with powerpoints, graphic and videos as required. The event is then transcoded and uploaded to the internet within 30 mins of the event being complete.

Hybrid Events share the personal experience of the people in the event and audience, with a live digital audience. The live steaming process allows for the same professionally branded and captioned online content. Event organisers however are now able to reach a wider audience, including social media, with online marketing opportunities to increase brand, reputation, sponsorship and additional revenue including pay per view

A virtual event allows for a number of participants in different locations to be broadcast to a wider online audience. The event can be all done live, or a combination of pre-recorded and live segments according to event program. This is an ideal format for online seminars, fundraisers, auctions, AGMs, Australia-wide meeting where covid restrictions stop the possibility of the people coming together in the one room.

You run the event, we’ll run the stream

(absolutely headache free)

Successful events and conferences might look effortless, but we both know it’s anything but. There’s a huge amount of work that goes into creating an event, and that was before COVID threw a difficult spanner in the works. Now you have to do everything you did before plus you have to deal with the possibility of recurring lockdowns, speakers who can’t travel, staff who work from home, and key stakeholders who barely know how to join a zoom, let alone stream their address like the pro you need them to be. It’s a lot to deal with.

We might not be able to solve all of your problems, but we can remove your technology worries.

Backed by our 18 years of experience in online broadcast technology, we’ll be your partner to help you navigate this brave, new world of online events and hybrid live streaming. Your Webcasting engineer will work with you every step of the way, from the initial planning meetings right through to the day of the event, and beyond.


If you’re planning an online event, we can stream it and securely. We have done everything from virtual AGMs and council meetings to corporate townhalls, shareholder meetings, and industry body presentations.

We know your event is important, so we offer a 100% uptime guarantee to avoid missing a thing.


With the power of webcasting, your live event can be held in any location and still reach a global audience. This is the perfect streaming solution for sporting events, fashion shows, school presentation evenings, as well as musical or theatrical performances.

Want to monetise your live event? Ask us to add Pay Per View to your webcasting service.


The newest high impact event trend has arrived! Take the best from virtual and live events to provide your audience with an interactive experience guaranteed to stop ‘Zoom fatigue’ dead in its tracks!

Be warned, your attendees might contact you afterwards to tell you it felt like they were on an exciting live TV show… and they’d be right because that’s what it essentially is!


Livestream with Webcasting to creating eye-catching content on your social media page. When large numbers of people are sharing the same experience and have the ability to comment and interact it is far more sociable and enjoyable. Plus, users tend to watch for longer. Social simulcasting gives you the opportunity to attract viewers and bring them back to your own website, while improving the positioning of your own page.


Pay Per View is a business model that allows video content creators to earn money from the videos they post online. Education courses, seminar producers, sports clubs, theatres and promoters use this model to allow users to access specific content or their website or when using zoom.

Another way video content can earn from pay per view is to be paid by YouTube for ads viewed by your subscribers. Big events with plenty of viewers could easily use this model to overcome their production costs. Ask Webcasting to help you choose the best pay per view platform for your event needs.

We know how to create the perfect webcast solution for every industry

After 18 years of webcasting experience, we know every industry has unique event needs and challenges.
Don’t leave your next event to chance. Partner with Australia’s leading online webcasting company.

The Webcasting Way

Leave the technical geekery to us. We will advise exactly what you need to stream a technically perfect event (and we promise to explain jargon-free!)

Use whatever video conference software you like. Although we prefer Zoom (ask us why), whatever conferencing software you use, we can stream it.

Enjoy the security of our ‘no surprises’ approach. After 18 years of webcasting, we know how to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. That’s why we build in fail safes to everything we do. We even contact all your presenters a week before the event to review the quality of their video stream, and we’ll troubleshoot any issues we find fast!

No stress on the day (at least not more than usual!). You will be supported by a dedicated webcast engineer to monitor and manage your livestream in real-time.

You’ll have our undivided attention. We don’t allow our engineers to multi-task clients, so we’ll be there to see it and respond immediately if the unexpected happens.‍

Don’t forget our ‘always on’ live streaming guarantee.
Our online broadcasts have never failed.

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