P-04, Plenary Session

Keynote Address: Archbishop Paglia

Archbishop Paglia, Pontifical Council for the Family, Vatican

The Economic Rationale for Governments to Invest in Family Stability

Patrick Parkinson, Australia

The Impact of Work on the Family

Peter Meurs, Australia

A Brief History of Sex Education: Where Today’s Madness Comes From

Miriam Grossman, USA

Faith, Family and Civilisation

Paige Patterson, USA, Rabbi Shimon Cowen, Australia and Vladimir Yakunin, Russia

SE-10, Panel: UN Issues, Globalisation and Human Rights

Human rights Agenda and the War on the Family

Sharon Slater, USA

State and UN Policies to Strengthen the Family

Farooq Hassan, Pak / USA

Parental Rights: Sweden’s Failed Policies

Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Sweden

SE-11, Government Policy and Law

Universal Ethics, The Family and Law

Rabbi Shimon Cowen, Australia

Strengthening Marriage

Patrick Parkinson, Australia

Family Based Taxation: Helping Restore the Family Wage

Stephen Smith, Australia

SE-12, Health

Economic and Social Costs of Abortion

Roland von Marburg, Australia

Pregnancy Help: Care in a Crisis

Chris Slattery, USA

Permission for this session to be available is still pending, and is currently unavailable

Suicide: What Can Be Done?

Debra Sorensen, Australia

SE-13, Education

Sex-Ed and National Curriculum

Nick Tonti-Filipini, Australia

The Pre-School Bandwagon

Dawn Frandsen, USA

"Internet research: The final nail in the coffin of Western education"

Tempe Harvey, Australia

SE-14, Business Forum

Business Forum

Kevin Bailey, Shadford Group, Australia

Business Forum

Liam Glover, Arrow Leadership, Australia

Business Forum

Stan Swim, GFC Foundation, USA

Business Forum

Alexey Komov, Integrity Consulting, Russia

Business Forum: Questions

SE-15, Panel: UN Issues, Globalisation and Human Rights

Impact of Globalisation on Families in PNG

Agnes Kola, PNG

Human Rights in South East Asian Nations

Brian Scarnecchia, USA

Marriage: an Instrument of Social Development

Lynn Walsh, USA

SE-16, Workshop: Government Policy to Strengthen Marriage and Family

Workshop: Government policy to strengthen marriage and family

Natalya Yakunina, Bob Day, Patrick Byrne, Tempe Harvey, David Van Gend, Paul Mero, Janice Crouse, Ian Blandthorn, Bob McCoskrie and David Phillips

Alan Tapper has not given permission to be recorded and has been excluded from this recording

Permission for Ian Blandthorn to appear in this session is still pending, and is currently unavailable

SE-17, Health Delivery and Social Policy Issues

Euthanasia: Both Cause and Effect of Family Dysfunction

Paul Russell, Australia

Caring When You Cannot Cure

Pilar Calva-Mercado, Mexico

Family Capital - Real Solutions to Health and Economic Crises

Kelli Houghton, USA

SE-18, Education

You’re Teaching My Child WHAT? A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child

Miriam Grossman, USA

SE-19, Popular Culture

A Culture Worth Preserving: Importance of Story Telling

Ted Baehr, USA

Transmitting culture through oral tradition

Ann Weldon, Australia

Engaging Pop Culture Through Music

Adrian LePou, New Zealand

Permission for this session to be available is still pending, and is currently unavailable

SE-20, Consumers and Commodities

Consumerism and the Soul

Matthew Tan, Australia

SE-21, Media

Promoting Family in Mainstream Media

Miranda Devine, Australia

Promoting the Family on Air

Karl Faase, Australia

Promoting the Family in Online Media

Michael Cook, Australia

Permission for this session to be available is still pending, and is currently unavailable

SE-22, Panel: Faith and the Family

Faith and Common Values

Rabbi Gad Krebs, Australia

Family Institution in Russia: before, during and after Communism

Alexy Komov, Russia

Social Capital and the difference that Faith makes

Cardinal George Pell, Australia

Permission for this session to be available is still pending, and is currently unavailable

Enduring Values for Strong Families in the Modern World

Associate Professor Mohmad Abdalla

SE-24, Popular Culture

Navigating Contemporary Culture: Importance of Good Reading

Clare Cannon, Australia

Stories On Stage

Anthony McCarthy, Australia

Paper Weight

Janelle Knox, Australia

SE-25, Sex Industry

Sexual Slavery and the Exploitation of Children

Justin Murff, USA

SE-26, Technology

Reaching the Next Generation with the Pro-Family Message

Robert Baehr, USA

Children, Gaming and Social Development

Collett Smart, Australia

How Technology can benefit the pro-family movement

Maxime Lagorce, France

Safe Internet League

Hilarion Schakhovsky

P-05, Plenary Session

Q and A Panel

Karl Faase


Block buster stories that build character and restore family values

Ted Baehr, USA and Panel of Film Producers