P-01, Plenary Session

WCF Opening: Indigenous Welcome to Country

Mormon Children’s Choir

WCF President’s Opening Address

Allan Carlson, USA

Welcome to Delegates and Official Opening

Hon. Greg Smith, Attorney General of NSW

Receive WFC Banner

Ignacio Asuaga, Spain and Bob McCoskrie, New Zealand

Greeting to WCF7 from the Vatican

Archbishop Paglia (via video), on behalf of the Pontifical Council on the Family

Greeting to WCF7 from Vanuatu

Hon. Rialuth Serge Vohor, Vanuatu Minister of Health

Greeting to WCF7 from Russia

Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, Russia and Konstantin Malofeev, Russia

Permission for this session to be available is still pending, and is currently unavailable

Holistic Vision of the Family

Bishop Peter Elliott, Australia

The Healthy Economy - Growth with a Purpose

Ian Harper, Australia

The First School: How and Where the Two-Parent Family Gives Children an Educational Advantage

Brad Wilcox, USA

Close of Session and Announcements

P-02, Plenary Session

The Causes and Cost of Family Breakdown

John Anderson, Australia

Africa: Offers Hope to the Rest of the World

Theresa Okafor, Nigeria

What Families are Best for the Economy?

Pat Fagan, USA

The (Shrinking) Family in a Shrinking Economy

Steve Mosher, USA

SE-01, Symposium: Can We Prosper With Small Families?

Family Policy in Russia: Part 1

Alexy Komov, Russia

Family Policy in Russia: Part 2

Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, Russia

Permission for this session to be available is still pending, and is currently unavailable

Fertility Decline in Europe

Ewa Kowelewska, Poland

SE-02, The Cultural Revolution

Philosophical Roots of the Cultural Revolution

Pat Byrne, Australia

Secular Humanism and Family Values

Duke Paul von Oldenburg, Belgium

Impact of the Sexual Revolution on Children

Mathias von Gersdorff, Germany

SE-03, Marriage

The Three Goods of Marriage

Sister Moira Debono, Australia

Natural Marriage: Defending Life, Family and Freedom of Religion

Bill Muehlenberg, Australia

Getting the Marriage Conversation Right

William B May, USA

SE-04, Government Policy Impact on Family

How Productive is a Mother?

Angela Shanahan, Australia

Have Australian attempts to help the family worked

Alan Tapper, Australia

The speaker for this session has not given permission to be recorded

Government Policy Impact on Family: Questions

SE-05, Social and Economic Value of the Home

Recognising the Value of the Home

Anne Zahra, New Zealand

Work of the Home: A True Profession

Rafael Hurtado, Mexico

Social and Economic Value of the Home: Questions

SE-06, Gender

Masculinity and Femininity: the Building Block for Human Dignity, Identity and Family

Peter Holmes, Australia

The Logic of Desire: A Theological Evaluation of Same Sex Attraction

Adam Cooper, Australia

Permission for this session to be available is still pending, and is currently unavailable

Soft Patriarchs: How Does Religious Faith Affect Fathers and Husbands

Brad Wilcox, USA

SE-07, Marriage Legalisation

Why Natural Marriage must be Protected

Peter Westmore, Australia

Impacts on Children of Legalising Same-Sex "Marriage"

David van Gend, Australia

Marriage for All: the French Experience

Jose Ureta, France

SE-08, The Family Centered Economy

Third Ways and the Family Centred Economy: A Vision for 21st Century Economies

Allan Carlson, USA

Economic Priorities for a Pro-family, Childrich Future

John Ballantyne, Australia

The Family Centred Economy: Questions

SE-09, Work

Work Life Balance: Preserving dignity, Protecting family

Jarosław Szymczak, Poland

Work, Family Life and Social Cohesion

Nick Tuitasi, New Zealand

Work: Questions

P-03, Plenary Session

Marriage and Family Life: The Kernel of Every Nation

Janice Crouse, USA

Q and A Panel

Bob McCoskrie, John Anderson, Ignacio Arsuaga, Allan Carlson, Pat Fagan, Ian Harper, Stever Mosher, Therese Okafor, Janice Crouse and Brad Wilcox